Unboxing A Smile with Aligner Packaging

Unboxing A Smile with Aligner Packaging

Unboxing A Smile with Aligner Packaging

The demand for clear aligner packaging is a growing trend in orthodontics.  We receive calls and emails often from orthodontists and team members seeking a solution to present branded packaging for their in-office produced clear aligners.

As an orthodontic marketing agency, we set out to not just develop a box to present aligners but to create an unboxing experience.  Our orthodontic aligner boxes were created for social media sharable moments.

If you are unfamiliar with the popular unboxing trend, spend a little time on Google searching for popular unboxing videos.  There are people who have become millionaires just by creating unboxing videos!  Social Media influencers are getting paid to promote products and services through their social platforms by sharing products and services. This is a marketing trend that any business can not overlook.  Often I am asked for orthodontic marketing tips and I can’t think of a better option than creating ways for your patients to Unbox their Smile.

The great thing about our packaging for orthodontic aligners is the box can be multipurpose.  Most offices still treat the majority of their patients with traditional braces.  You can utilize your branded box to create sharable moments when a patient completes treatment to deliver their retainer. 

Creating properly branded packaging helps you add value to your products and services.  You have invested a tremendous amount of time and resources as an orthodontist studying tooth movement as well as in which products you will use. You do not want to overlook the value of presentation and packaging.  

We are confident we can help you take the next steps to develop your branded aligner packaging and a strategic marketing plan for your in-house created aligners.  Before you know it, your patients will be unboxing their new smile on social media showcasing your clear aligner packaging!   

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