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Ortho Aligner Box

Properly branded products and services can greatly improve your bottom line. With billions of views of “unboxing” videos on digital platforms, there’s never been a better time to create a branded box.

Ortho Aligner Box - The Whiddon Group

While you create smiles worth sharing, our marketing team helps you create Sharable Moments. The Ortho Aligner Box is a great way to enhance your investment in digital printing and in-house aligners. Additionally, it can be used to purposely package third party aligner kits and promote treatment from an orthodontist. There’s no better time to show a new smile than at the end of treatment, a branded retainer box is a great ending to treatment in traditional braces.

We can personalize our designs for your practice or assist you with a custom aligner brand and packaging.

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Orthodontic Aligners Packaging and Branding

The Ortho Aligner Box was created as a response to a need for orthodontists to effectively brand their in-house aligner product. We’re a branding agency and know the value of a well implemented marketing strategy. Now that you’ve invested in the technology to print in-house aligners, allow our team to help you market this new service.